Labour councils are getting something right

(Originally published on Progress Online 16/05/2016) I spent the Friday of election night nervously checking the election results as they came in. I was as worried as anyone that our party was going to take a massive step backwards from electability. We did not take the beating that some commentators predicated, but nor did we […]

There is no ‘cult of the Labour doorstep’

(Originally published on Progress Online 16/03/2016) Doorstep campaigning is the backbone of any Labour victory. But unfortunately the importance of knocking on doors is not acknowledged by vast swathes of our new membership. An article was published in LabourUncut last week that warned of the ‘cult of the Labour doorstep’ which the author claimed did […]

Child Friendly Britain?

(Originally published on Leeds Labour 05/10/2015) Cutting child tax credits, scrapping free school meals and axing Britain’s child poverty targets; the Tories are making life very difficult for children in Britain. Time and again we’ve heard Cameron and Osbourne trot out the line ‘we’re all in this together’ but it’s obvious that they’re not willing […]

Yvette Cooper: Next Labour Leader

(Originally published on Prime Politics 24/07/2015) As a Labour Party member, I’ve never been more devastated than I was on May 8th this year. It was utterly heart breaking to see talented MPs and candidates losing their elections and hardworking activists who’d put their heart and soul into the campaign have their hopes dashed. But […]

Why it’s time the Labour Party elected a woman leader

(Originally published on LabourList 20/05/2015) If you’re reading this, the chances are you’re proud to be a member of the Labour Party. I am too. I’m proud of our values and our record in successive governments. But while I’m hesitant to criticise the party that I love, there is one thing which I’m not remotely […]